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Surfing is my Passion

Mahalo!  Thanks for dropping in!

The Great Love of the Ocean Fuels my Soul.

From Alaias to Tandem to Stand-Up Paddle Boards, 

I am a Third-Generation WaterWoman; Grateful For the Opportunity to Be Me.

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World Titles

Olympic Gold

Honorary Doctorates Degree(s)

To Facilitiate a Positive Ever Lasting Impact



2015 Nomination for SUP Woman of the Year

2014 US SUP Tour National Champion- SUP Surfing

National and World Class- Stand Up Paddle Surfer/Racer

Diane Sanders Award

B.A. - University of Hawaii - Dean's List, Cultural Anthropology

Hall of Fame - Woodrow Wilson Classical High School

GYROTONIC® Licensed Trainer

U.S. Champion - SUP Surfing, Longboard and Shortboard

Hawaii State Champion - Shortboard

California State Champion - Longboard

West Coast Champion - Shortboard

High School State Champion & 4 Year Varsity Letterman Surfer



Lord Knows! Chi Aloha Love And Light!


Waterman League Stand Up Paddle Surfing Tours Fails to Follow Through With Published Event Schedule


5th - World SUP Surfing Tour

Rookie YEar


1st - U.S. SUP Surfing Tour CHAMP

6th - World SUP Surfing Tour


Contest Results:


October 24th-25th, 2016 - Cardiff Reef Classic (Cardiff, CA) 
  1st - Womens Long Board

October 22nd-23rd, 2016 - Miss Malibu Pro   (Malibu Surfrider Beach, CA) 
  2nd - Pro Womens Long Board

March 2016 Pipeline Womens Pro   (Pipeline, Oahu, HI) 

September 25th - October 4th, 2015 - Watermans Invitational SUWT (Huntington Beach, CA) 
  1st - Watermans Invitational
  1st - SUP Surfing Watermans Invitational
  1st - Long Board Watermans Invitational

September 25th - October 4th, 2015 - 2015 Waterman League Stand Up World Tour (Huntington Beach, CA) 
  1st - Overall Wahine Waterwoman Invitational
  3rd - Pro Women's SUP Surfing
  4th - Pro SUP Racing Sprints
  5th - Overall Pro SUP Distance Racing

September 19th, 2015   (Doheny State Beach, CA) 
  1st - Womens Long Board

August 22nd-30th, 2015 - 14th Annual Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Fest (Queens Kuhio Beach, HI)
  1st - 12'6 Women's SUP Distance Race
  2nd - SUP Race
  2nd - SUP Surfing  (World Tour Participants)
  2nd - Alaia (Only Female Finalist)
  Semifinalist Pro Tandem
  Access Surf Aid

August 8th-9th - 31st Annual Ocean Side Long Board Surf Club Contest - (Oceanside, CA)
  3rd - Women Long Board (WSL Surfers)
  Tandem Finalist
  Mens SUP (World Tour Participants)
  Paddle Race

February 16th - 24th 2015 Pipeline Womens Pro   (Pipeline, Oahu, HI) 

February 6th-13th - 2015 Waterman League Stand Up World Tour (Turtle Bay, Oahu, HI)
  5th - Pro Womens SUP Surfing

January 31st -30th Annual Huntington Beach Long Board Crew Paddle Race   (Huntington Beach Pier, CA) 
  2nd - Only Female

January 11th -2015 Gathering of the Tribes  (Churches/Trestles, San Clemente, CA) 
  1st - Women Short Board
  5th - Mens SUP (World Tour Participants)

November 11th - 2014 Waterman League Stand Up World Tour (Anglou Mirleft, Morocco)
 Mens Pro SUP- Top 15 Finish

October 24th - 2014 Waterman League Stand Up World Tour (La Torche Pro France, Bretagne)
  3rd- Womens Pro SUP Champion

September 2014 - U.S. SUP Tour Series - (Huntington Beach, Churches, Zuma, Manhattan, Huntington Beach, CA)
  1st  - Womens Pro SUP Champion

September 15th - 2014 - U.S. SUP Tour- Event # 5 - (Huntington Beach, CA)
  1st  - Womens Pro SUP

August 23rd - 2014 - Revolt Summer Surf Series - (Ocean Beach Pier, CA)
  1st  - Womens SUP 

August 10th - 2014 - Miss Malibu Pro - (Malibu, CA)
  Diane Sanders Award 

August 3rd - 30th - 2014 - Annual Ocean Side Long Board Surf Club Contest - (Oceanside, CA)
  1st  - Womens Longboard

August 3rd - U.S. SUP Tour- Event # 4 - (Manhattan Beach, CA)
  1st  - Womens SUP 

July 26th - Hennessy Race - (Torrance, CA)
1st  - 12'6 Womens SUP Distance Race 

July 20th- 2014 Tommy Zahn Waterman Memorial Race - (Zuma Beach to Malibu Surfrider Pier, CA)
  1st  - 12'6 Womens SUP Distance Race

July 19-20, 2014  - U.S. SUP Tour - Event #3  - (Zuma Beach, CA)
  1st - Women's Pro SUP Surf
  1st - Pro Womens 14' SUP Technical Racing

16th Annual Surfside Seventies (Sunset Beach, CA)
  Best Barrel Award 

U.S. SUP Tour  - Event #2 Surfing America’s 2014 USA Championships (Churches, San Clemente, CA)
2nd Women SUP surfing

Pacific Beach Club Contest (Tourmaline, Pacific Beach, CA)
  1st Women Long Board

May 17th - 2014- OMBAC Spring Classic Centennial (Mission Beach, San Diego, CA)
1st Open Long Board (only female)

April 11-19th - 2014 - Waterman League Stand Up World Tour  (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
5th Pro Women SUP Surfing

2014 Waterman League Stand Up World Tour - March 29 - April 6 (Praia du Frances, Maceio, Brazil)
5th Pro Women SUP Surfing

U.S. SUP Tour  - Event #1 (S. Huntington Beach Pier, CA)
4th Pro Women SUP Surfing

February 8th - 15th - 2014 - Waterman League Stand Up World Tour - February 8-15 (Turtle Bay, Oahu’s North Shore, HI)
3rd Pro Women SUP Surfing

January - 2014 Seal Beach Surfing Championships (Seal Beach Pier, CA)
1st Women Short Board

2013 Zanka Festival (Playa Linda, Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo)
1st Women Long Board
  1st Women SUP Surfing
  3rd Men SUP Surfing (only female)

2013 6th Annual Battle of the Paddle (Dana Point, CA)
2nd - Open Women 14' Distance Race
  3rd - Open Women 12'6 Technical Race

2013 13th Annual Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Fest (Queens Kuhio Beach, HI)
2nd ASP Pro Wahine Long Board
  3rd Pro Alaia Division (only female)

2012 ASP Sea Hawaii Women's Pipeline Pro (Bonzai Pipeline - North Shore, Oahu)
Women Shortboard Semifinalist

2011 Hawaiian Surfing Association (Ala Moana Bowls, HI)
1st Hawaii State Open Women’s Short board Champion

2011 Surfing America’s United States Surfing Championships (Lower Trestles, CA)
1st Open Women’s Long Board Champion
  1st Open Women’s Short Board Champion

2011 LQS 20th Annual Noosa Festival of Surfing (Noosa Sunshine Coast, Australia)
  ASP Women Long Board Quarters

2011 LQS Annual Malfunction Event (Tweed Heads Sunshine Coast, Australia)
5th ASP Women Long Board Repocharge

2008 Western Surfing Association (Churches, CA)
1st - Women Short Board National Champion

2008 Interscholastic Surfing Association State Championships (S. Oceanside Jetty, CA)
1st - Women Individual Long Board State Champion

2008 National Scholastic Surfing Association (Mission Beach, CA)
3rd - Explorer Women (Courtney Conologue & Sage Erikson)

2007 Kids For Clean Waves (S. Huntington Beach Pier, CA)
1st - 14-16 Short Board Champion

2006 Western Surfing Association (Churches, CA)
1st - 18 & U Short Board Champion

2006 Western Surfing Association (Ventura, CA)
1st - 18 & U Short Board Champion

2005 Hello Kitty Board Fest (S. Huntington Beach Pier, CA)
1st - 14-16 Short Board Champion


Upcoming Events:

Duke Kahanamoku Ocean Festival

2015 Waterman League SUP World Tour - TBA
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2015 ASP Longboard Qualifying Series - TBA

2015 Surfing America U.S. SUP Tour - TBA



I’m blessed and grateful to have grown up into a family of water woman. My grandmother Bobbie was a junior olympic diver, surfer and bodysurfer. My Mother :Dearest, Jericho Poppler, is a surfing pioneer, USA surfing champion, 1976 World Champion Surfer, cancer survivor, a 2004 inductee to the Surfer’s Hall of Fame, 1990 Women of the Year, a founding member of Surfrider, WISA (Women's International Surfing Association) and the IPS, conceived in the late 70's and what would become the world professional circuit of surfing. Jericho has left and continues to leave a indelible legacy on the sport.  

Pre-WSL (World Surf League) & ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals); Jericho founded the International Professional Surfers’ female surfing tour in 1976, in which she was the inaugural year’s World Champion. Jericho also founded WISA, the Women's International Surfing Association and was the lead member of the Golden Girls. You can find her in The Encyclopedia of Surfing in the stories of individual hearts she has touched around the world; in the photographs from decades past; in countless magazines, journals and videos of her era; but most likely you’ll find her in the water, still ripping!  In her 60's she continues to pave pathways as the pioneer that she is stand-up paddling through lakes, rivers, open-ocean racing. 

She has raised me on the ocean, inspiring a reverence and understanding for nature so great and profound, I’ve yet to find the words that can describe it.  It’s an understatement to say that growing up within an aquatic culture has formed my worldview. It’s an honor to follow in her footsteps; gratitude for simply being is what fuels my joy.


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